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Bob Fritsch Issued His Second Sherlockian Wooden Nickel

Bob Fritsch Issued His Second Sherlockian Wooden Nickel

“… I see a Chinese coin hanging from your watch-chain …”

– The Red-Headed League (REDH)

Robert F. Fritsch, the 7th Garrideb aka The Coiner (by the zinc and copper filings in the seam of his cuff), issued a Sherlockian wooden nickel during last summer’s World’s Fair of Money in Philadelphia. This is Bob’s second Sherlockian wooden nickel – he issued his first back in 1995. You can read about that one HERE.

OBVERSE: ONE BAKER STREET SHILLING / (silhouette of Holmes, facing right, in deerstalker and with pipe) / 2018

REVERSE: (image of a Chinese cash coin)

38mm, Wood, Round, Red ink

Attendees at the Numismatic Friends of Sherlock Holmes Dinner, held during the convention on August 15, each recieved one of these woods with Bob personally writing on each wood 4GAR, PHILA and 180815.

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