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Welcome to the website of The Fourth Garrideb, where we combine the worlds of numismatics with that of the Sherlock Holmes stories by Arthur Conan Doyle.  This page is to offer advice about navigating and searching on our website.

The HOME page features the ten most recent posts, with older posts showing on subsequent pages. There are options at the bottom of every page to advance to OLDER or NEWER posts.  The most recent post on the Home page is shown in full, while all other posts show the beginning of the post and the option to read more.  Clicking on the title of a post will take you to the full post to read and allows you to comment on that post.

We are indexing every post on this site to allow easier searches for the information you are looking for.  On the right hand side of every page, below the menu bar, is a search widget. Type in the phrase you wish to search for and a new page will appear with all posts matching your search criteria.

On the menu bar on every page, there are categories for NUMISMATICS, TOPICSCOUNTRIES and STORIES.  Want to find all the posts related to medals? Just click on NUMISMATICS and the pull down menu will show the most popular categories. Just click on the term and all related posts will show?  Want to find all posts related to Professor Moriarty? Just click on TOPICS and the pull down menu will show the most popular categories.  Want to find out about the coins issued by Tuvalu?  Click on COUNTRIES and the pull down menu will show the most popular categories again. If you click on STORIES, the pull down menu displays the various parts of the Canon, other Doyle literary works, plus options for non-canonical items.

If you click on a menu item and nothing appears, we currently do not have anything posted for that category.  Please remember that this site only started in September 2014.

If you are interested in looking up a particular story from the Canon, you can use the Search widget on the right hand side or if you scroll down, you’ll see a section called TAGS.  Tags are assigned to every post and the four letter abbreviations for the stories are used on all related posts. Tags are helpful for some of the less popular categories that don’t appear on the pull down menus for the four main categories.

Thanks for visiting our site and we hope you find the information you are looking for about numismatics – Canonical and Conanical.  The Game is On!