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Famous People Wearing Pince-Nez On Numismatic Items

Famous People Wearing Pince-Nez On Numismatic Items

“He unfolded it, and disclosed a golden pince-nez …”

– The Adventure of The Golden Pince-Nez (GOLD)

Scrooge McDuck 2015 Niue $25Your editor freely admits he never heard the term “pince-nez” until he read the Sherlock Holmes Canon. The term “spectacles” was the wording I had always heard used to describe this style of eyewear.

Probably the first “person” I  was familiar with that wore spectacles or pince-nez was the Disney cartoon character of Scrooge McDuck. Earlier this year, the New Zealand Mint struck 3 coins featuring Scrooge McDuck for the island nation of Niue – $2 (silver), $25 and $200 (gold).

2014 RDR $1

President Franklin Delano Roosevelt was often pictured in pince-nez, but only the 2014 Presidential dollar coins clearly showing him wearing them.

TR US Mint Presidential Medal- Silver

When the U.S. Mint issued the 2013 dollar coin for President Teddy Roosevelt, you have to look closely to see him wearing the pince-nez.  Later in the year, the mint offered a set featuring the coin with a silver version of their Teddy Roosevelt medal that was designed by Charles E. Barber (obverse, designer of the Barber dime, quarters and half dollars) and George T. Morgan (reverse, designer of the Morgan dollar) after Roosevelt’s second inauguration. This was highly unusual as none of the U.S. Mint’s previous presidential medals had ever been struck in any metal other than bronze.

Wilson Manila Mint 1920

Woodrow Wilson’s 2013 Presidential dollar coin features him wearing his pince-nez, but this 1920 medal to commemorate the opening of the United States Mint in Manila, Philippines is much more interesting.  Medals were struck in bronze, silver and gold to commemorate the event.  The Manila Mint building was destroyed during the liberation of the Philippines in early 1945.

William Butler Yeats - Ireland

Earlier this year, Ireland issued a silver 15 Euro coin honoring the poet, William B. Yeats. From 1980 thru 1992, Yeats (wearing glasses) was featured on Ireland’s £20 banknotes.  A few months back, we discussed the 2012 10 Euro coin that Ireland struck to honor William’s brother, Jack, who did the parody Chubblock Holmes.

Anton Chekhov 1990 Ruble

Russian playwright Anton Chekhov was honored on the 130th anniversary of his birth with this 1 Ruble coin struck by the Soviet Union.  Chekhov has also been featured on coins issued by Tuvalu (2010, Great Russian Minds series).

2010 Chekhov 3 Rubles     2010 Chekhov 200 Rubles

Russia honored Chekhov on the 150th anniversary of his birth with 4 coins – silver 3 and 100 rubles, gold 50 and 200 rubles. We are showing the 100 and 200 ruble coins here.

Are there other people wearing pince-nez’s on coins or paper money? Let us know in the comments below!

2012 Irish 10 Euro Coin Honors Creator of Chubblock Homes

2012 Irish 10 Euro Coin Honors Creator of Chubblock Homes

Holmes, however, like all great artists, lived for his art’s sake…. – The Adventure of Black Peter (BLAC) John “Jack” Butler Yeats, the famous Irish artist, was honored in 2012 as the subject of Ireland’s 10 Euro coin, which was part of the European Union’s Silver Coin Program. Each country participating in the program issued a… Continue Reading