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Two TFG Members Issued Sherlockian Themed Wooden Money

Two TFG Members Issued Sherlockian Themed Wooden Money

“It is a little souvenir …”

– A Case of Identity (IDEN)

Bob Fritsch 1995 Wood

In 1995, the 7th Garrideb Bob Fritsch issued the above wooden nickel, which he called “A Baker Street Shilling.” In the April 1995 issue of Scuttlebutt From The Spermaceti Press, Peter E. Blau called this “an imaginative Sherlockian wooden shilling as his calling card.

OBVERSE: (silhouette bust of Sherlock Holmes, facing right, with deerstalker cap and pipe) / ONE BAKER STREET SHILLING

REVERSE: HOUNDS OF THE / INTERNET / “PORLOCK” / ROBERT F. FRITSCH / P.O. Box 3003 / NASHUA, NH / 03061-3003 / 1995 / rfritsch @ rapnet. sanders. lockheed. com

38mm. Wood, Round

GDR 2015 BSI Weekend - both sides

The above wooden dollar was issued by the 6th Garrideb, Greg Ruby, as his calling card while he attended the Baker Street Irregulars Weekend in New York City in January 2015.

OBVERSE: Greg Ruby / (Mr. Boh caricature, facing left, wearing a deerstalker cap) / The Sherlockian Coin Collector

REVERSE: BSI Weekend 2015 / Greetings / from / Baltimore / MD, Hon! / Greg @ FourthGarrideb . com

51mm, Wood, Round, 500 made

The Mr. Boh caricature is a Baltimore advertising icon, being the face of National Bohemian Beer, which was brewed in Baltimore from 1885 until the late 1980’s.

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  1. […] This upcoming week, Sherlockians converge on New York City for the BSI Weekend. Your beloved (?!?!) editor is arriving on Wednesday, January 13th and will be out and about with fellow Sherlockians through Sunday the 17th. I hope to see many of you there and please be sure to get one of my wooden nickel souvenirs from me. This will be my second trip to a BSI Weekend; last year, I issued a wooden dollar. […]