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Garridebs in the News – June 2019

Garridebs in the News – June 2019

“Look at the headlines …”

– The Adventure of the Stockbroker’s Clerk (STOC)

It’s time for another edition of Garridebs in the News! It’s been a busy six months since our last offering of this irregular feature

The Spring 2019 issue of The Baker Street Journal features an article by a Garrideb for the fifth consecutive issue. Monica M. Schmidt, the 59th Garrideb, penned You Have Been on eBay, I Perceive: The Psychopathology of Sherlockian Hoarding.  You can subscribe to the BSJ HERE.

We’ve mentioned before that Monica is a part-time film critic for Cedar Rapid’s KCCK-FM 88.3. She was able to review Pokemon:Detective Pikachu for her segment and you can listen to it HERE.

Monica was also honored by Sir Hugo’s Companions of Chicago with their Horace Harker Award. This award is given to the Sherlockian who has done much to keep the memory of the Master green through publication and was awarded at their annual co-ed dinner in May.

Sir Hugo aka Al Shaw presenting the Horace Harker Award to Moncia Schmidt.









The Agra Treasurers of Dayton held their annual Holmes, Doyle & Friends conference in late March. Robert S. Katz, the 14th Garrideb, was one of the presenters during the conference.

Katz hit the road again in early June and presented at the Scintillation of Scions XII conference near BWI Airport in Baltimore. Fellow Garridebs Burt Wolder, Greg Ruby and Mike McSwiggin also presented at this year’s event, which is hosted by our friends at Watson’s Tin Box.

Wolder, the 47th Garrideb, is still involved with the twice-monthly I Hear of Sherlock Everywhere podcasts and the weekly Trifles podcast, both which are cohosted with Scott Monty. We’re going to recommend that you listen to episode 121 of Trifles which discussed “Old Money” from the Canon and aired during National Coin Week.

Episode 161 of IHOSE features an interview with Will Walsh, the 50th Garrideb and co-editor of Canon Law: Lawyers, Law, and the Sherlockian Canon from the BSI Press’s Profession Series.

The 28th Garrideb, James C. O’Leary, also authored a post for IHOSE regarding the upcoming final season of the CBS television program Elementary. Check out Elementary – His Last Bow.

Mike McSwiggin, the 74th Garrideb, in addition to his presentation at Scintillation, has been busy as well. In the past year, he became “The Second Most Dangerous Man” of the Tankerville Club of Cincinnati and has formed a speciality scion, the Fairly Good Dispensers, for pharmacists and other medical related professionals.

The John H Watson Society just celebrated their 6th anniversary and published the Spring 2019 issue of The Watsonian which features literary contributions from Al Gregory and Brad Keefauver, the 33rd and 41st Garridebs, respectively. JHWS has also launched a weekly podcast, The Watsonian Weekly, which is hosted by Keefauver.

Ross E. Davies, the 61st Garrideb, might have just produced one of the most interesting Sherlockian publications with his Baker Street Almanac 2019. This nearly 300 page volume feature contributions from a few Garridebs – A Whole Year of Scuttlebutt from the Spermaceti Press by 13th Garrideb, Peter E. Blau; Artifacts in the 221B Baker Street Sitting-Room by Denny Dobry, the 42nd Garrideb; Ira Brad Matetsky, the 49th Garrideb, penned Law and Holmes; Mike McSwiggin authored Groups and Societies; Burt Wolder cowrote the section I Hear of Sherlock Holmes Everywhere  and the 6th Garrideb, Greg Ruby, authored a section on Numismatica. Monica Schmidt edited the section of scion reports, which had contributions by Ruby and Steve Mason, the 19th Garrideb. You can download a copy of the Almanac (it will take a few minutes!) or purchase a hard copy HERE.

Davies is also heading up the planning for the upcoming Baker Street Irregulars Symposium that will be held at the Lilly Library of the Indiana University during November 8-10, 2019. Among the many distinguished speakers arranged are Garridebs Blau and Katz, as well as Terry Hunt, the 31st Garrideb.

Terry Hunt was also the lucky attendee at this May’s annual meeting of the Speckled Band of Boston with the highest score on the quiz that night. Terry recieved a trophy slightly smaller than the Stanley Cup and the right to prepare the quiz for next year’s annual meeting.

Have some news of your own? Drop the Editor a quick note so you can be included in our next update! Congratulations to all!

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