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Garridebs in the News – October 2016

Garridebs in the News – October 2016

“Look at the headlines …”

– The Adventure of the Stock Broker’s Clerk (STOC)

Good News

fugio-copper-notesOne of our newer Garridebs, Jeff Rock aka Inspector Baynes, recently edited a book on the 1787 Fugio Cents that circulated in the states during the confederation period. From the press release:

Many colonial collectors remember Rob Retz and know that when he passed away in 2004 he left behind a book on the 1787 Fugio coppers, which he had worked on for several years, gaining access to some of the largest collections of the series then formed. The book was nearly ready for publication at that time, but Rob’s final months were – understandably! – spent with his family and friends, and numismatics was not as pressing as it had been before. The non-publication of this book was a loss to the colonial hobby, even though a few years later the new edition of Eric Newman’s work on the Fugio coppers did see print.

It is with great pleasure though that we announce that Rob’s book has finally been published. Through the generosity of Syd Martin and Tony Terranova, who underwrote the printing costs, this work is now available to collectors. This 162-page book gives detailed information on every variety of Fugio copper, along with high quality photographs, a detailed introduction by the editor, die state information, attribution tips and an appendix examining the Dr. Hall collection of Fugio coppers. The heart of Rob’s book though is the Condition Census information he compiled, with examples graded by him and named to the collections in which they were then held; all this information was state of the art at the time, not available anywhere else, and it was felt that it would be useful to collectors to have it in print.

While the book itself is a testimonial to Rob Retz, it is more than a museum piece – it should be quite useful to today’s collector, and blends perfectly with the Newman book. With these two references and a handful of major auction catalogues the collector will have everything he needs to pursue this series.

The book itself has been a labor of love, something of a rarity in numismatics. Extensively edited pro bono by Jeff Rock, with all-new photographs contributed through the kindness of Stack’s-Bowers and a handful of collectors and distributed for free by Charlie Davis, ALL sales proceeds – not just the profits, but every penny! – go to the Rob Retz Memorial Fund set up with C4 to further work with Young Numismatists, the very future of our hobby, and a cause near to Rob’s heart.

Seal of The Sons of the Copper Beeches
Seal of The Sons of the Copper Beeches

Congratulations to Garridebs Denny Dobry and Greg Ruby on becoming full-fledged Master Copper-Beech-Smiths of the Sons of The Copper Beeches at the scion’s October meeting. Both Garridebs gave a trifling presentation at that meeting, completing the last step for full membership. Both were presented their membership certificates by the group’s Headmastiff, Bob Katz, a fellow Garrideb as well. We’ve talked about the Sons before – you can read about them HERE.

gb-of-peace-dollarsWhitman Publishing has released the updated and revised third edition of the Guide Book of Peace Dollars, by Roger W. Burdette. This new edition also features a foreword by the 52nd Garrideb, Steve Roach.

1964_peace_dollarYour editor was fascinated by the chapter on the 1964-D Peace Dollar, a coin that was authorized, struck and then melted. They are currently illegal to own. If you happen to have one, please let me know….

The Fall 2016 issue of The Watsonian, published by the John H Watson Society is now out. Many Garridebs Watsonian(eight, actually) are contributors to this issue – Beth Gallego, Alexian Gregory, Harrison Hunt, Bob Katz, Ira Brad Matetsky, Greg Ruby and Monica Schmidt. In addition, the magazine is edited by the 28th Garrideb, James C. O’Leary. Clicking on the JHWS logo on the right side of your screen will take you to the group’s website as well.



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