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Get Sherlock Holmes Themed Personalized Checks

Get Sherlock Holmes Themed Personalized Checks

“Have you your cheque-book?”

– The Adventure of the Beryl Coronet (BERY)

SH Check 1

SH Check 2

SH Check 3

SH Check 4

The hardcore Sherlockian numismatist now has the option of getting checks printed with Sherlockian themes. These could be the perfect way to send your payment for a club meeting dinner or paying for purchases in the Vendor Room during the BSI Weekend in New York.

Check Advantage offers four different designs when purchasing their Sherlock Holmes portfolio.

The first design features the silhouettes of Holmes and Watson, while the second offers a similar treatment for Professor Moriarty. The third design has a bust of Holmes under a large magnifying glass and features the 221B Baker Street address prominently.  The fourth design features a left facing profile of Sherlock Holmes and has the 4 novels and 5 series listed in the background.

4 Responses to Get Sherlock Holmes Themed Personalized Checks

  1. Fellow Holmesian numismatists, an interesting piece by Greg. Here in the UK the banking system is in the process of phasing out cheques and postal orders. They are both mainly used now by the 80+ age group. Last week I was in a bookshop waiting to pay for my purchases, whilst a 20year old girl was collecting pre-ordered books for her college course. Her Grandfather had given her a signed blank cheque as he wished to pay for the books. This girl gave the cheque as it was to the assistant who returned it and asked her to write out the cheque. The girl did not know what to do and had to be showed where to write out the amounts, and then asked for the spelling of the word ‘pounds’! She told us both that she had never seen such an instrument of payment before in her life, and wasn’t it an awfully tedious method od paying for a few books when a credit/debit card would have been much more convenient. I suppose to her it was as antiquated as the electric telegraph technology. O tempore, O mores.

  2. Paper checks hardly ever, ever crash. From another octogenarian…