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The 2019 Sherlock & Segar Statue Poker Chip

The 2019 Sherlock & Segar Statue Poker Chip

“… the story of the statues.”

– The Adventure of the Six Napoleons (SIXN)

SHERLOCK | baskerville-products

Chester, Illinois is the hometown of Elzie C. Segar, the creator of the Popeye the Sailor Man cartoons. In 1977, the city erected a statue in his honor. Since 2006, Baskerville Productions began work on a “Popeye & Friends” character trail of granite statues. To date, 15 additional statues have been erected in Chester, including a “Sherlock & Segar” statue last December 7th. You can read more about the Popeye & Friends character trail at their WEBSITE. There is also a Sherlockian – themed statue of Castor Oyl that was erected in 2009 that we wrote about in March.

A few souvenir items were produced, including a poker chip ($3 plus shipping and handling) and are available on their WEBSITE.

OBVERSE: CHESTER, IL 2019 / (picture of Sherlock Holmes statue) / HOME OF SHERLOCK & SEGAR

REVERSE: POPEYE & FRIENDS / (picture of Popeye statue) / CHARACTER TRAIL

38mm, Ceramic, Round

Thanks to Michael W. McClure, BSI, for providing us with much of this information.

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