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The 2009 Castor Oyl Poker Chip

The 2009 Castor Oyl Poker Chip

“… two drops of castor oil …”

– The Sign of The Four (SIGN)

Castor Oyl and Bernice 2009

Castor Oyle statue outside Memorial Hospital – Chester, IL ~ Photo by Baskerville Productions

Chester, Illinois is the hometown of Elzie C. Segar, the creator of the Popeye the Sailor Man cartoons. In 1977, the city erected a statue in his honor. Since 2006, Baskerville Productions began work on a “Popeye & Freinds” character trail of granite statue. To date, 15 additional statues have been erected in Chester, including a “Sherloock & Segar” statue last December. You can read more about the Popeye & Friends character trail at their WEBSITE.

in 2009, they erected the sixth statue in their series, hornoring Castor Oyle the Detective, sporting  a deerstalker cap, inverness cape and holding a magnifying class. A few souvenir items were produced, including a poker chip ($3 plus shipping and handling) and are available on their WEBSITE.

OBVERSE: CHESTER, IL 2009 / (picture of Castor oyle statue) / HOME OF CASTOR OYL

REVERSE: POPEYE & FRIENDS / (picture of Popeye statue) / CHARACTER TRAIL

38mm, Ceramic, Round

If we learn of a poker chip for the Sherlock and Segar statue, we will share thiat inormation in another post. In closing, enjoy this lip of Private Eye Popeye.

Thanks to Michael W. McClure, BSI, for providing us with much of this information.

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