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Rima Gedvile’s Mini-Sherlock Holmes Hobo Nickel

Rima Gedvile’s Mini-Sherlock Holmes Hobo Nickel

” It was not a photograph, but an ivory miniature, and the artist had brought out the full effect …”

– The Adventure of the Noble Bachelor (NOBL)

Back in 1992, the Original Hobo Nickel Society was formed to promote the collecting of engraved buffalo nickels that had been produced prior to 1980. Most of these “original” nickels were engraved with nails, knifes, files and perhaps some punches. In the years since the OHNS was founded, there have been many modern hobo nickels (and not just nickels, almost any coin) created by talented artists using microscopes and power tools. Depending on the quality of the work, these modern hobo nickels can cost many hundred of dollars.

In 2019, Lituanian artist / engraver Rima Gedvile produced what she has called “Mini-Sherlock Holmes.” In a twist, the design was created from the metal of the buffalo on the reverse of the nickel rather than from the face of the indian on the obverse of the coincoin. Unfortunatly, there is not much information known about Gedvile. This particular coin sold for ober $50 in a major online auction service.

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