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2002 Disneyana Silver Medal Features Sherlock Mickey

2002 Disneyana Silver Medal Features Sherlock Mickey

“I was invited to a week-end gathering”

– His Last Bow (LAST)

After witnessing the growth and popularity of Disneyana gatherings hosted by outside entities, the Walt Disney Company through its Walt Disney Attractions Merchandise division decided to host its own events for collectors. The first Disneyana Convention was held in the Contemporary Resort Convention Center at Walt Disney World from September 24 to 27, 1992, and featured sales of Disney memorabilia, convention logo merchandise, and special limited-edition collectibles, along with speakers, an auction, tours, meals, and gala entertainment events. The 750 conventioneers were thrilled by an event of the magnitude and scope that only Disney itself could produce. A second Disneyana Convention, doubled in size, followed in 1993 at Disneyland, with a return to Walt Disney World for the third Convention in 1994. 1995 saw two Disneyana Conventions, one at each park. The 1996 through 2000 conventions were held at Walt Disney World, the 2001 one at the Disneyland Resort, and the final convention, in 2002, at Epcot.

The 2002 event had a mystery theme and there were several tie-ins to Sherlock Mickey. Pictured above is a figurine with Mickey Mouse wearing a deerstalker cap, Pluto and Black Pete. Many various lapel pins were issued as well as a collectible plate.  They would also issue a one ounce silver medal carrying on this theme.

OBVERSE: (Character of Black Pete on the left of a wall, with Pluto and Mickey Mouse (with deerstalker cap and magnifying glass on the right side, with starburst behind) / 2002

REVERSE: Official Disneyana Mystery / CONFIDENTIAL (over 3 thumbprints resembling Mickey Mouse’s head) / Limited Edition of 500 / © DISNEY .999 FINE SILVER

38mm, Round, .999 fine silver

With a mintage of only 500 and the popularity of Disney items with collectors, this item can be found on online auction services with prices that are somewhat inflated.  Good luck!

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