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Some Links About the Bank of England

Some Links About the Bank of England

“No living man could tell a Prescott from a Bank of England …”

– The Adventure of the Three Garridebs (3GAR)

A circa 1890 photograph of the Bank of England by George Washington Wilson.

There are only two mentions of the Bank of England thoughout the 60 stories of the Canon – in The Dancing Men and The Three Garridebs. At first, I found this to be very surprising as I expected there to be more references to the Bank. In hindsight, it makes sense for the few references since it was functioning as a central bank (much like our Federal Reserve System), and everyone did their banking with private banks, such as Sherlock Holmes had with the Capital and Counties Bank.

We will share a few links here that deal with the Bank of England for those that might be interested.

Sterling silver replica of the Bank of England building –

  • The 1954 film The Million Pound Note starring Gregory Peck, based on the Mark Twain short story.

A novelty bank of England 1,000,000 note dated 1903, reputably a film prop from the 1954 film “The Million Pound Note” starring Gregory Peck


One Response to Some Links About the Bank of England

  1. The Bank of England really does have printed 1 million pound notes (called “giants”) as well as 100 million pound notes (“titans”) used for internal purposes. There’s an interesting web page as well as an illustration here:

    They’re used in a different fashion from the one in Twain’s original story, which is a good one to hunt down and read if you’ve never done so. I have it in the same collection as “A Double Barreled Detective Story.”