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MATCA Honored Holmes With 1984 Token

MATCA Honored Holmes With 1984 Token

“…  a twinkle of amusement …”

– The Adventure of the Three Garridebs (3GAR)

The Maryland Amusement Token Collectors Association was founded in 1979 by Robert A. Johnson. Over the course of the next four to five years, they would issue over 100 plastic tokens or wooden nickels commemorating various themes. They would be available to interested collectors who would contact Johnson and included 25 cents and a self-addressed stamped envelope with their inquiry.

MATCA did a few tokens with the theme of Old Tyme Radio. You’ll notice that the Holmes token pictured below indicates that it is the fourth in the series. Other programs honored in this series were W.C. Field and The Shadow. According to my math, that doesn’t equal four…..

OBVERSE:  SHERLOCK HOLMES / (Holmes facing left, with deerstalker cap and pipe) / M.A.T.C.A.

REVERSE: OLD TYME RADIO / (a old radio set) / NO. 4

29mm, Round, White Plastic with black printing

Several years ago, the Maryland Token and Medal Society issued a pamphlet cataloging all of the tokens in the series. You can view the pamphlet HERE.

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