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Emphemera of Shagin’s Medals of Sherlock Holmes and Arthur Conan Doyle

Emphemera of Shagin’s Medals of Sherlock Holmes and Arthur Conan Doyle

“Here is an advertisement which will interest you …”

– The Adventure of the Engineer’s Thumb (ENGR)

Edward C. Rochette, the 5th Garrideb, and his wife Maryann started a small business selling Holmesian gifts in 1990. The business was called Sherlock, Stock & Barrel Company. Pictured above was their first advertising flyer that was sent to folks who replied to this announcement from the December 1990 issue of the 13th Garrideb, Peter E. Blau’s Scuttlebutt from the Spermaceti Press:

Sherlock, Stock & Barrel Co. (Box 8261, Colorado Springs, CO 80933) has sent a flier offering a variety of Sherlockiana, including honey, an art medal, a door-knocker lapel pin, a paperweight, and a feather duster.

This flyer is important to us as it confirms that Alex Shagin’s 1990 Sherlock Holmes art medal was struck in both bronze and sterling silver and both were struck to order. Mintage would be limited to 100 numbered examples. The bronze medal would sell for $75, while the silver medal was available for $175.

On a personal note, you’ll see a door knocker lapel pin advertisered in the above flyer. Rochette was wearing that lapel pin a few years later when he had a discussion with your editor that would lead to this group being formed many years later.

Blau’s September 1991 issue of Scuttlebutt from the Spermaceti Press would have another blurb about Sherlock, Stock & Barrel:

Sherlock, Stock & Barrel (Box 8261, Colorado Springs, CO 80933) offers a new sales list, with sculptures by Cheryl Harness, medals by Alex Shagin, and a varied assortment of Sherlockian pins.

We now have a second medal of Shagin’s advertised, this one featuring Conan Doyle. Again, mention is made that pieces are limited to 100 hand-cast, serially numbered and signed examples.

Below is the order form that accompanied the second sales list. Note that the price for the sterling silver medal of Sherlock Holmes is now offered for $150, a savings of $25 from the previous sales list.

Thanks to the 13th Garrideb, Peter E. Blau, for sharing these scans with us!


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