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Sherlock Holmes: The Red Headed League (December 27, 1954)

Sherlock Holmes: The Red Headed League (December 27, 1954)

“… the very remarkable narrative of the Red-Headed League.”

– The Red-Headed League (REDH)

In 1954, Ronald Howard and H. Marion Crawford would star as Holmes and Watson in 39 episodes of a syndicated Sherlock Holmes television series. The 30 minute episodes were produced by Sheldon Reynolds, who would later do another Holmes series, Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson, in 1980 and would reuse many of the same episodes.

Many of the stories in the series had similarities to the original stories of the Canon, but with subtle changes. Episode 11, The Red Headed League, is an excellent example of this. Based on The Red-Headed League, Jabez Wilson is referred to as a storekeeper, rather than a pawnbroker. Also, the character of John Clay is referred to as Vincent Spaulding and his alias as John Clay is never used in the episode.

This episode originally aired on December 27, 1954.

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