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Garridebs In The News – July 2016

Garridebs In The News – July 2016

“Under a series of flaming headlines …”

– The Adventure of the Retired Colourman (RETI)

Good News

It’s been four months since our last Garrideb in the News feature and we have a lot of items to report!

MisadventuresSteve Mason MN

On June 17-19, 2016, The Norwegian Explorers of Minnesota and the Friends of the Sherlock Holmes Collections at the University of Minnesota held its triennial conference, this year titled “The Misadventures of Sherlock Holmes.”

Steve Mason, the 19th Garrideb, was one of the featured presenters at the conference and is shown above, giving his presentation of “Pollution in Victorian England — It Wasn’t All Rosy in 1895 London.”

Monica Schmidt MNThe 59th Garrideb, Monica M. Schmidt, was another of the featured presenters at the Minneapolis conference. Her presentation was “The Seven-Per-Cent Evaluation: A Clinical Analysis of Addiction, the DSM-5, and Mr. Sherlock Holmes.”

On May 14th, Monica presented the “DSM-5 and a Canonical Analysis of Sherlock Holmes’s Cocaine Use” at the dinner meeting of the Chicago based scion, the Criterion Bar Association.

Al Gregory - SOS

The weekend prior to the Misadventures conference, Schmidt was in Maryland for the Scintillation of Scions conference put on by Watson’s Tin Box. Her presentation here was “The Curious Case of the Bipolar Detective.”

Al Gregory, the 33rd Garrideb, was also a presenter at the June 11th Scintillation of Scions speaking on “Canonical Architecture.”

JHWS LogoIn March, the 39th Garrideb, Beth Gallegos, assumed the role of Boy-In-Buttons for the John H Watson Society and is now heading up that organization. In May, the spring 2016 edition of The Watsonian was published and featured several contributions from our fellow Garridebs. Al Gregory had two articles – Slavic Sherlock: A Collector Goes Russian In and Houndian Howlers. Monica Schmidt also had two articles – Toast to the Jezail Bullet and The Only Selfish Action. Not to be outdone, the 29th Garrideb, Dr. Bob Katz has two articles as well – A Bevy of Boxes and Watson’s Wound Redux… and Redux…. Harrison Hunt, the 31st Garrideb, takes the prize with 3 articles – In Defense of WatsonA Response to Beller’s “Brief Critique”  and a review of the book Nerve and Knowledge: Doctors, Medicine and the Sherlockian Canon.  The 40th Garrideb, James McArthur, authored The Hansom Cabs of John H. Watson and Roger Johnson, the 48th Garrideb penned A Letter to Dr Watson. McArthur was kind to plug his TFG membership in his author’s bio. Lastly, the 6th Garrideb, Greg Ruby, contributed Dr Watson’s Afghan Campaign Medal, which we reprinted HERE. Seriously, half of the articles in this journal were authored by Garridebs and a tip of the hat to the editor of the publication (and 28th Garrideb) James C. O’Leary. Membership info on the JHWS and to purchase copies of this issue can be found on their website.

232_spain-sherlock-cover232_nerve-knowledge-coverWe mentioned a review of Nerve and Knowledge: Doctors, Medicine and the Sherlockian Canon in the last paragraph. This book was published by the BSI Press and released in January during the BSI Weekend and is co-edited by Dr. Bob Katz, who has previously co-edited three other volumes in the BSI’s Manuscript Series.

Also released during the January BSI Weekend was the newest volume in the BSI Press’ International Series – Spain and Sherlock Holmes. The 62nd Garrideb, Donald J. Hobbs served as the General Editor for this volume.

All of the BSI publications are available for purchase at their website.

IHOSEBurt Wolder headshotTwice a month, the 47th Garrideb, Burt Wolder, records a podcast for I Hear of Sherlock Everywhere with his co-conspirator, Scott Monty, and they are about to record their 100th episode. Congratulations! In Episode 98, Steve Mason appears as the contestant on “Mental Exaltation,” a Sherlockian quiz on NPR’s Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me radio show. Steve was a big winner by answering all three questions correctly. We like to think that Steve’s success was partially due to his TFG membership as there was one question with a numismatics background. In addition to the podcasts, there are many other items being posted often, including contributions from James O’Leary and by the 43rd Garrideb, Bob Stek.

MCA Bob Fritsch

For those who are planning to attend the Numismatic Friends of Sherlock Holmes dinner on Thursday, August 11th during the ANA ‘s World’s Fair of Money, come a few hours early to hear the 7th Garrideb, Robert F. Fritsch, give a presentation. At 2 p.m., Bob will present on “The Tools of Numismatics: Presenting Your Collections” at the general meeting of the Medal Collectors of America. Full details can be found HERE.

The June 2016 issue of Bunyan’s Chips, the official newsletter of the International Organization of Wooden Money Collectors published an article Sherlockian Woods by Judy Blackman. The article goes on to discuss TFG and some of the Sherlockian woods issued by TFG, Bob Fritsch and Greg Ruby.

John BaeschClean SOB PinAt the inaugural meeting of the Sherlockians of Baltimore, the 25th Garrideb, John Baesch gave a presentation on “Don’t Get On The Ship,” and is now one of the first two certified SOB’s of the group. This scion was founded by Greg Ruby. Five Garridebs were at this meeting and are now part of the Original SOB’s, the 21 folks who were at the first meeting.

We are always looking to share news about our fellow Garridebs.

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