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The Inquisition: The Dancing Men

The Inquisition: The Dancing Men

” … answer no questions of any sort …”

– The Adventure of The Dancing Men (DANC)


Once again, it is time for the Inquisition to begin for this month’s story – The Adventure of The Dancing Men.

1.  Where did the first three messages appear?

2.  What two things caused Holmes to be too late to prevent the tragedy?

3.  What non-masculine sounding object did Holmes employ?

4.  What did Elsie first suggest to her husband to avoid being bothered by the messages?

5.  What expression did Abe Slaney use to describe himself as armed?

6.  What physical feature did Hilton Cubitt have in common with a Canonical museum frequenter?

7.  What part of Slaney’s attire brings to mind the Americas?

8.  How many Chicago gang members were there?

There are a total of 11 possible answers to the 8 questions.  Send your answers (by August 28) to Denny by clicking here.  The first person with the most correct answers will receive a small prize.

DobryOur Inquisitor, Denny Dobry, is the Quiz Master for the John H Watson Society and the Gasogene of the White Rose Irregulars of York. If you are ever in the Reading, PA area, you should check out his recreation of the sitting room at 221B Baker Street. You can learn more about his sitting room by clicking here.

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