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The Post of Awesomeness: Our 200th Post and One Year Anniversary

The Post of Awesomeness: Our 200th Post and One Year Anniversary

” … he got off with a year.”

– The Adventure of The Six Napoleons (SIXN)

1 year

This post is being typed at 30,000 feet as I fly from Baltimore to Chicago to attend the American Numismatic Association’s World’s Fair of Money. It was one year ago today that seven of us met at this very coin show and formed The Fourth Garrideb. It’s our birthday! I look forward to seeing several of you at our Annual Meeting that will be held at Gibson’s Steak House on Tuesday night.

This is also the 200th post on our website! Christopher Morley, the founder of the Baker Street Irregulars, was probably never more correct when he commented “that never has so much been written for so few.”

Starting off with 7 members, we have grown in the past year to now have 45 members located in 20 different states in the United States and 3 other countries – Australia, Canada and the United Kingdom. Texas has the most members with 6, Maryland and New Jersey are tied for 2nd with 5 members each. We have 4 members located internationally and we are very fortunate to have 4 ladies as members as well. We also have one club that belongs to our group as well!

In the past year, over 6,000 users have visited the TFG website in over 8,000 sessions and have viewed our posts over 17,000 times. We’ve had visitors to the website from over 100 countries and we are apparently huge in Russia.

You’ve posted over 110 comments to our various posts and thanks to Akismet, over 700 spam comments have been blocked in the past year.

Thanks to our regular contributors — Frank Mentzel, Denny Dobry, Brad Keefauver and Bob Stek — who help lighten the editor’s workload.  Thanks also to Wayne Homren, who shares many of our posts with the subscribers to the Numismatic Bibliomania Society’s The E-Sylum newsletter, and to Peter E. Blau, who continually encourages us and shares our items to his vast Sherlockian network via his monthly newsletter.

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