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The 1980 Sherlockian Enterprises Medal

The 1980 Sherlockian Enterprises Medal

“You have been in Afghanistan, I perceive.”

– A Study In Scarlet (STUD)

1981 Holmes Medal aholmes watson medal reverse a

Those immortal words are remembered on a bronze medal that was struck in late 1980, for the centennial of Holmes and Watson meeting that would be celebrated the following year. Sherlockian Enterprises had 221 (numbered on the edge) medals struck featuring Janice Skrzyniecki’s design.

OBVERSE: “YOU HAVE BEEN IN AFGHANISTAN, I PERCEIVE” / (busts of a right-facing John Watson (left) and a left-facing Sherlock Holmes (right) / JOHN     SHERLOCK / WATSON     HOLMES

REVERSE: ST. BARTHOLOMEW’S HOSPITAL / (the physical building of St. Barts) / 1881 – 1981 / HOLMES MEETS WATSON (star) 100TH ANNIVERSARY

63.5 mm, Round, Bronze

Screenshot 2015-05-20 22.26.02

Sherlockian Enterprises advertised the medal in the September 1980 issue of The Baker Street Journal. The medal sold for $25 plus $3 shipping and handling.  Also, in that same issue of the BSJ we learn that Janice was elected as Motor Expert (Gasogene) at the January 6, 1980 meeting of An Irish Secret Society at Buffalo.

In the June 1981 issue of The Baker Street Journal we read a report that one of the medals was presented to BSI Commissionaire Julian Wolf at the January 9, 1981 BSI Dinner.

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