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Our May Story: A Study In Scarlet

Our May Story: A Study In Scarlet


The month of May will shortly be upon us. Hopefully, you found the past month to be interesting with all the posts that related to The Three Garridebs.  We still have a few items about the Garridebs that you will be seeing in the weeks to come.

A Study In Scarlet will be the primary focus for the upcoming month of May.  We look forward to our regular features of The Seventeen Steps from Brad Keefauver; Data! Data! Data! from Frank Mentzel; The Inquisition from Denny Dobry as well as Bob Stek’s The Punitentiary.

In addition to those items, work is underway for a variety of topics – the Mormon Gold Coinage of Utah, coinage of Afghanistan – along with items about St. Bart’s, Copernicus, Darwin, Mendelssohn, Chopin and a few other nuggets from the story.

As always, we encourage you to post comments and discussion items to the various posts, so that everyone can follow the conversation.

As a sneak prevue, for those that are curious about June, that month’s story will be The Greek Interpreter.

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