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Answers to The Inquisition: The Three Garridebs

Answers to The Inquisition: The Three Garridebs

Why did he ever drag you into it at all?' asked our visitor.
Why did he ever drag you into it at all?’ asked our visitor.

April was our first month that we presented our Inquisitor, Denny Dobry’s, killer quizzes – each quiz will be on the featured story of the month and this month was The Three Garridebs. We now present the ANSWERS after the question in BOLD text.

  1. How do we know that Killer Evans was a successful gambler? He made a killing at cards. “(Evans) Shot a man over cards in a night-club in the Waterloo Road in January, 1895.”
  1. To a reader unfamiliar with the American west, he may think that a term used in the story indicates that Home Depot is having a sale on wood.   What is the term? In the newspaper ad posted by Killer Evans – Buckboardsa Buck a Board at Home Depot
  1. A surname used in this story should remind you of a name used in The Greek InterpreterMorecroft – Mycroft
  1. The surname of a prominent Sherlockian illustrator appears in this Adventure. Name him and in the context that it appears. Holloway and Steele – House Agents – Frederick Dorr Steele
  1. What publication did Holmes apparently value in his study of criminology? The Newgate Calendar
  1. When did Holmes meet Dr. Lysander Starr? He never did meet him! Holmes made up the name to trick Evans.
  1. What part of John Garrideb’s (Killer Evans) anatomy call to mind a police action? “His eyes, however, were arresting.”
  1. These were like Sherlock Holmes? His ‘pictures’ – per John Garridebs comment upon meeting Holmes: “Ah, yes! Your pictures are not unlike you, sir, if I may say so.”
  1. The lawyer’s cut of clothing was what? English : “Your whole outfit is English.”  … “The shoulder cut of your coat, the toes of your boots – could anyone doubt it?”
  1. Who lived at 136 Little Ryder Street, W in December of 1896? No one! The house was unlet for a year before Nathan Garrideb took possession 5 years before the story. Date of story: June 1902; 5 years prior would be June 1897; unlet from approximately June 1896 to June 1897, therefore no one lived there in December 1896.

How well did you score on this quiz?  Look for next month’s quiz on A Study In Scarlet.


Our Inquisitor, Denny Dobry, is the current Gasogene of the White Rose Irregulars of York, PA and serves as the Quizmaster of the John H Watson Society. If you are ever in the Reading, PA area, you should check out his recreation of the sitting room at 221B Baker Street. You can learn more about his sitting room by clicking here.

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