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A Third Challenge Coin from NYPD’s Missing Persons Squad

A Third Challenge Coin from NYPD’s Missing Persons Squad

“… it is, indeed, the missing man.”

– The Man with the Twisted Lip (TWIS)

Back in October 2015, we reported on two different challenge coins from the New York Police Department’s Missing Person’s Squad and we can now report a third variety for the morgue unit.


OBVERSE: N (star) Y (star) P (star) D / (right facing silhouette of Sherlock Holmes wearing a deerstalker, holding a magnifying glass and smoking a pipe, superimposed upon a U.S. flag background) / (D B monogram) / MISSING PERSONS SQUAD

REVERSE:  MISSING PERSONS SQUAD / (star) Bronx (star) Manhattan (star) Queens (star) / (NYPD Police patch on a flag background) / Staten Island (star) Brooklyn / MORGUE UNIT

45mm, Round, Hardened Enamel with a shiny gold finish

We are showing the first two challenge coins again, as the designs are almost identical. Basically, just read the outer wording very carefully to see differences. The variety, above, has the Missing Persons Squad on the obverse as opposed to the Detective Bureau on the two above. The reverses of all three are different.

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