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Elementary’s “The Price of Admission” Episode has a Coin Collecting Scene

Elementary’s “The Price of Admission” Episode has a Coin Collecting Scene

“Here was a case of ancient coins.”

– The Adventure of the Three Garridebs (3GAR)

We’ve discussed the CBS television series Elementary a few times before on this site. This year’s episode of The Price of Admission (Season 7, Episode 3) has the cast investigating a murder that occurred at a foreign trade zone storage locker facility. During the course of the investigation, Joan Watson and Detective Bell enter the storage locker of Edward Cutler. Cutler keeps his coin collection in one of the units.

Detective Bell: We appreciate you helping us out, Mr. Cutler. Seems like a lot of the renters here aren’t keen on the police looking through their stuff.
Edward Cutler: I have got nothing to hide, Detective.
Watson: Can I ask why you keep your coins in a foreign trade zone? 
Cutler: I picked most of them up in other countries, and they’re worth a lot of money. Most of them are gold. If I never bring them through Customs, then I don’t have to declare them. It’s perfectly legal. I, I’m not a criminal. I’m just cheap. And it’s just as easy to admire them here as it is at home.
Watson: Some of the locks have been picked on these cases. You can see the scratches.
Bell: Over here, too. Someone pried these open. Probably with a screwdriver. Got to think the perp was our doer, right? He was ripping off these storage units when the site manager caught him in the act. Do us a favor, Mr. Cutler, and write us up a list of everything you find missing.
Cutler: I’d be happy to, except so far, everything’s here.
Bell: You sure? 
Cutler: I’ll have to go through it all, but from what I can see, nothing’s missing.
Watson: That doesn’t make any sense. I mean, even if you don’t know anything about coins, you can see that these are worth stealing.
Bell: And given the number of locks that were picked, whoever broke in here stuck around for a while. So why go through all that trouble and not take anything? 

It was an interesting scene, but did not really add much to the plot of the overall episode, in my opinion.

Transcript was blatantly stolen from the Elementary Wiki. You can read the entire transcript of the entire episode HERE

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