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Elementary Episode #149 has “Three Garridebs” Easter Eggs

Elementary Episode #149 has “Three Garridebs” Easter Eggs

“A very remarkable account,’ said Sherlock Holmes.”

-The Sign of the Four (SIGN)

Sherlock Holmes and Cassie Lenue in the Season 7 Episode 8 of Elementary

The CBS television series Elementary is fast approaching its conclusion with 5 episodes remaining to be aired. The 8th episode of the current 7th season, titled Miss Understanding aired on Thursday, July 11, 2019. No numismatic connections in this episode, but we do have two “Easter eggs” referencing The Adventure of the Three Garridebs. 

A “Easter Egg” is a slang term for a hidden item placed in a movie or television show for close watchers and hardcore fans.

In the scene immediately after the title credits are run, we have the characters of Sherlock and Joan Watson walking back to their brownstone.

Watson: It’s our new client from London, Nathan Garrideb. He’s landed, wants to know if he can swing by straight from the airport.
Holmes: Tell him no. In fact, tell him all three Garridebs have to wait. Something more pressing has come up.
Watson: Is that…
Holmes: The impostor formerly known as Mina Davenport.
Cassie: Hello. Been a long time.
Watson: Not long enough.

Later in the episode, Sherlock has returned to the brownstone after visiting the headquarters of Leehovens, a chain of pharmacy stores. Holmes and Watson are conversing in the living room.

Holmes: Did I hear correctly that one of our clients, John Garrideb, has been arrested? 
Watson: You did. It turns out that John Garrideb only convinced Nathan Garrideb to come here to find Howard Garrideb, so that John’s friends could steal a fortune from Nathan’s house while he was away. Scotland Yard picked up the accomplices in London. John is on his way to jail, and Nathan is on his way home. How’s it been going here? 
Holmes: Also productive. Working off the new theory that I texted you, Cassie and I identified a list of suspects. Top executives at companies that make baby formula and owners of companies that sell it.

This is the fourth time that the Three Garridebs has been worked into a plot for a television show.  It’s nice to see that Elementary was able to work it into the plot before the series ended.

Transcript was blatantly stolen from the Elementary WIki. You can read the entire transcript of the entire episode HERE

Thanks to the 7th Garrideb, Bob Fritsch, for giving us the heads up on this episode!

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