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Garridebs in the News – November 2018

Garridebs in the News – November 2018

“Underneath the vigorous headlines which our client had quoted I read the following suggestive narrative”

– The Adventure of the Norwood Builder (NORW)

It’s time for another edition of Garridebs in the News! We have several items to share, so let’s get started….

Wildside Press recently released the newest collection of 60 essays edited by Christopher Redmond, Sherlock Holmes Is Like. Ten chapters were authored by Garridebs and include: Victorian Revolutionary by Alexian A. Gregory (33rd), The Observation of Trifles by Robert Stek (43rd),The Importance of Being Sherlock by Michael J. Quigley (36th), He Seems to Have Powers of Magic by Beth L. Gallego (39th), The Truth, the Whole Truth and Nothing but the Truth by Mary Miller (76th), Deerstalker or Busby by John Baesch (25th), Helping the Creatures of Hope by Monica M. Schmidt (59th), With Douglas in California by Brad Keefauver (41st), There is Something Positively Inhuman in You by Charles Prepolec (75th), and The Doctor is In by Steve Mason (19th). Whew! Copies can be purchased at the Wildside Press’s website.

In the Summer 2018 issue of The Baker Street Journal, Quigley was the author of Take a Walk on the Wilde Side. That is the third article to appear in the BSJ this year that was authored by a Garrideb. You can subscribe to the BSJ at the new website of the Baker Street Irregulars.







Monica Schmidt is also a part-time film critic for Cedar Rapid’s KCCK-FM 88.3, appearing on an irregular basis. Care to guess who she came in costume as for her appearance on Halloween? Dennis Lynch, the principal film critic for KCCK is dressed as Moriarty and is very tall….

The 47th Garrideb, Burt Wolder, is still actively participating as the cohost of the twice monthly I Hear of Sherlock Everywhere podcasts. In Episode 148, Roger Johnson, the 48th Garrideb, was interviewed with his wife, Jean Upton. James O’Leary, the 28th Garrideb, was interviewed on Episode 150 to talk about the CBS television series Elementary. Episode 153 featured the 42nd Garrideb, Denny Dobry, being interviewed about his recreation of the sitting room at 221B Baker Street.

The Spring 2018 edition of The Watsonian came out earlier this year. Alexian Gregory authored Pondicherry Ponderings: Oliver!, while Brad Keefauver penned Watson Pleads the Fifth: Do We Believe Him? Copies can be ordered from the John H. Watson Society.

Brad Keefauver is cranking out posts on nearly a daily basis at Sherlock Peoria, averaging 20 posts a month.

Most of you reading this post have likely used the online, crowdsourced encyclopedia known as Wikipedia. Back on May 8, 2018 the Wall Street Journal published When the Crowd Isn’t Wise, There’s Wikipedia Court. Reading that article, we learn that one of the 15 members of Wikipedia’s Arbitration Committee, and its informal Chief Justice is Ira Matetsky, also known as the 49th Garrideb.

Lastly, in the 2018 volume of Irene’s Cabinet, produced by our friends at Watsons Tin Box, Greg Ruby, the 6th Garrideb, penned Sherlock Holmes, Where Are You?, on the Sherlockian ties to Scooby Doo. Ruby also authored Sherlock Holmes and the American Bank Note Company Mystery for the September / October 2018 issue of Paper Money, the official bimonthly journal of the Society of Paper Money Collectors. We plan to reprint that article on our website in early 2019.


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