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The Decorated Captain Tommy Gregson of the NYPD

The Decorated Captain Tommy Gregson of the NYPD

“Gregson is the smartest of the Scotland Yarders”

– A Study in Scarlet (STUD)

Screen Capture from the October 30, 2016 episode of Elementary ~ S05E04 “Henny Penny, the Sky is Falling”

If you were to poll the membership of our group about the CBS television series Elementary, opinions would vary wildly. There are those of you who hate this series with outright animosity and those that never miss an episode. I, myself, enjoy the episodes for what they are and appreciate the “easter eggs” they sometimes include within the episodes.

One of the regular cast members of the series is Captain Thomas “Tommy” Gregson, portrayed by actor Aidan Quinn.  His character is described on the series’ Wikipedia page as: The captain of the New York City Police Department’s 11th Precinct. He was previously assigned to Scotland Yard to observe their Counter-Terrorism Bureau, where he crossed paths with Sherlock and was impressed with his work. He genuinely likes Holmes, and the two have a mutual respect for each other, though he admits that Sherlock is a “pain in the ass”. …. In “Absconded” (season 3, episode 23), Gregson is offered a promotion to Deputy Chief due to the good work of his unit, but despite hints that some higher-ups wanted him to accept the offer, he decided to remain as he valued his current role and ability to interact with people more than the possibilities offered by the promotion. It is also mentioned in that episode that he served at the 14th Precinct as a newly promoted Detective and was made head of the Major Case Squad at age 40. 

In the October 30, 2016 episode (Season 5, Episode 4) “Henny Penny, the Sky is Falling,” the Major Case Squad is given a unit citation and Gregson is wearing his dress uniform, with five decoration bars. He is a recipient of the U.S. Flag Bar, World Trade Center Bar, NYPD Medal of Honor, NYPD Medal for Valor, and the NYPD 150th Commemorative Breast Bar.

From bottom to top, above his police shield are:

The NYPD 150th Commemorative – May be worn by any NYPD Police Officer who was serving in 1995.


The NYPD Medal for Valor – Awarded for acts of outstanding personal bravery performed in the line of duty.

NYPD Medal of Honor breast bar.svg

The NYPD Medal of Honor – Awarded for acts of extraordinary bravery performed in the line of duty at imminent and personal danger to life, above and beyond the call of duty.

WTC Breast Bar.jpg

The  World Trade Center Breast Bar – May be worn by any NYPD Police Officer.who was in active service during, or following up on the September 11 attacks. When worn, it is affixed just below the American Flag Breast Bar and above any other medal.

American Flag Breast Bar.jpg

American Flag Breast Bar – May be worn by any NYPD Police Officer. When worn, it is affixed above any other medal.

There are actual medals for two of these items – the Medal for Valor and the Medal of Honor.

Related image

The NYPD Medal for ValorRelated image

The NYPD Medal of Honor


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