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Radio Broadcast of The Engineer’s Thumb – January 25, 1948

Radio Broadcast of The Engineer’s Thumb – January 25, 1948

“… so strange in its inception and so dramatic in its details …”

– The Adventure of the Engineer’s Thumb  (ENGR)

Your editor has a fondness for Old Time Radio and from time to time, we are able to share recording of some of the older Sherlock Holmes radios that have a tie-in to numismatics. On January 25, 1948 the Mutual Broadcasting System broadcasted The Case of the Engineer’s Thumb featuring John Stanley as Sherlock Holmes and Alfred Shirley as Doctor Watson..

The 1947 – 1948 radio series featured several changes from the previous season. The series was once again being broadcast by Mutual after ABC had broadcast the series the prior season. John Stanley took over the role of Holmes from Tom Conway and Alfred Shirley took over for Nigel Bruce as Watson. The Stanley – Shirley duo would only last the one season of 39 episodes, with Shirley being replaced the following season.

This series was broadcast on Sunday evenings at 7 p.m. and was sponsored by Clipper Craft Clothes.

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