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Radio Broadcast of The Red-Headed League – October 19, 1954

Radio Broadcast of The Red-Headed League – October 19, 1954

“It is our French gold …”

– The Red Headed League (REDH)

Your editor has a fondness for Old Time Radio and from time to time, we are able to share recording of some of the older Sherlock Holmes radios that have a tie-in to numismatics. On October 19, 1954 the BBC broadcasted The Case of the Red-Headed League featuring Sir John Gielgud as Sherlock Holmes and Sir Ralph Richardson as Doctor Watson.

Gielgud and Richardson teamed up as Holmes and Watson for 12 shows that aired Tuesday nights on the BBC from October 5 throught December 21, 1954. These 12 shows would then air in the United States on the ABC radio network beginning on January 2, 1955. An additional 4 episodes were recorded and six of the first 12 episodes were replayed for a total of 22 broadcasts that aired through June 5, 1955.

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