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HolmeWork Assignment: Sherlockian Chocolate Coins

HolmeWork Assignment: Sherlockian Chocolate Coins

“… I emerged with a little chocolate …”

– The Adventure of the Lion’s Mane (LION)

Many of our readers may have sampled chocolate coins when they were younger. Generally these candies were made of a waxy chocolate and were wrapped in gold foil and sold in a group, packaged in a fish-net packaging. Usually, these coins were silver dollar sized.

Shortly after we formed our little group here, I came across the above picture of a Sherlock Holmes themed chocolate coin, with a chest of more examples just inches away. Unfortunately, there was no other information with the picture. From time to time, when your editor is having issues sleeping, I just start searching on the internet for random items and see what results pop up. Recently, I had some success in finding some related items that help give us some more information about these chocolate coins.

Sherlock Holmes Gift Shop – Yelp UKPhoto by Ozcan K. – February 24, 2016

During one of these searches, we came across another picture of a treasure chest with Sherlockian chocolate coins. Thankfully, we were able to pinpoint these as coming from the gift shop of the Sherlock Holmes Museum on Baker Street in London. You might remember our earlier post where we talk about two medals that the museum has issued.

Photo by Alexa MartinI Am Alexa – March 3, 2013

A few minutes later we came across a blog post by Alexa Martin telling of her visit to the Sherlock Holmes Museum and we have another chest of these chocolate coins. We now know that they sold for one pound, which seems a bit pricey to this chocolate fanatic.

Now, for the HolmeWork assigment:

  • Anybody have any of these in their collections / hoards / accumulations?
  • Anyone with pictures of both sides of this candy?
  • Can anyone make out the wording on the Sherlock Holmes side of the coin in the pictures?

We look forward to seeing your contributions on this assignment.

UPDATE September 30, 2018: We now have pictures of the other side of this chocolate coin. Check out the new post!

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