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The Sherlock Holmes “I Was Here” Medal

The Sherlock Holmes “I Was Here” Medal

“He knew that I was here …”

– The Hound of the Baskervilles (HOUN)

In June, the 42nd Garrideb, Denny Dobry, had the good fortune to be able to spend a week in London and visit many Sherlock Holmes related sites. While in town, Denny (on the right in the picture) was able to have lunch with the 48th Garrideb, Roger Johnson, at the Sherlock Holmes Pub. During their lunch, Roger took Denny into the recreated sitting room at the pub, which is maintained by Roger and his wife, Jean Upton. Let’s just say that Denny enjoyed his visit very much…..

Denny returned from his London adventure with the above pictured medal in his pocket. He had visited the Sherlock Holmes Museum gift shop (we’ve talked about their medals before) and did not come across any new items there. He found this medal in one of the other gift shops located in that block of Baker Street.

OBVERSE: SHERLOCK HOLMES / (right facing profile of Sherlock Holmes with pipe and wearing deerstalker cap) / LONDON’S GREATEST DETECTIVE

REVERSE: (partial British Union Jack Flag) / (outline of Great Britain, with pin drop marker / I / WAS / HERE /  GREAT BRITAIN

Round, 40 mm, Brass

It should be noted that the blue colorization on the obverse of the medal is done somewhat shoddily. The letters “OL” in Holmes is smudged with blue and the letters “TE” in Detective also have blue splotches.

Since Denny’s return, we have scoured the websites of the other stores located on Baker Street, and have not been able to find any that list this medal for sale in their online stores.

We thank Denny for sharing this medal with us and that his trip was uneventful during his time across the pond.

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