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The Member’s Badge of Denver’s Doctor Watson’s Neglected Patients

The Member’s Badge of Denver’s Doctor Watson’s Neglected Patients

“‘I was going to say that my practice could get along very well for a day or two, since it is the slackest time in the year.”

– The Adventure of the Naval Treaty (NAVA)


Photo by Larry Feldman, Staff Surgeon of DWNP

As a result of our recent Numismatic Friends of Sherlock Holmes Dinner in Denver, during the recent World’s Fair of Money, we were able to meet several members of the local scion, Doctor Watson’s Neglected Patients. The DWNP was one of then three Denver-area Sherlockian groups that produced the Lady Carfax Memorial Walk Medal in 1992.

Doctor Watson’s Neglected Patients was founded in 1974. Our friends at I Hear of Sherlock Everywhere did a very nice post on the group when they celebrated their fortieth anniversary a few years back.

Sometime during their history, they issued the member’s badge pictured above. The DWNP members I’ve talked and corresponded with either have conflicting accounts or were not active in the group at the time the medal was made. We’ll continue to research this.

OBVERSE: MEMBER OF DOCTOR WATSON’S / (DWNP seal, a doctor’s medical bag draped in cobwebs) / NEGLECTED PATIENTS

REVERSE: (blank)

Round, 40 mm, Brass, yellow ribbon

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