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The 1992 Sherlock Holmes Lives On Medal

The 1992 Sherlock Holmes Lives On Medal

“Here is an advertisement which will interest you.”

– The Advenyture of the Engineer’s Thumb (ENGR)

Peter E. Blau, the 13th Garrideb, was kind to respond to last week’s HolmeWork assignment, and has provided us with a scan of Classic Specialities’ advertisement for the Sherlock Holmes Lives On medal. This ad appeared on page 36 of the Summer 1992 issue of Scarlet Street. We now have a visual of what the medal looks like.

OBVERSE: SHERLOCK HOLMES / (right facing profile of Holmes wearing a deerstalker cap and smoking a pipe) / LIVES ON

REVERSE: (blank)

Round, 57 mm, Cloisonne

From the advertisement, we learn that the medals were manufactured in England and sold for $18.

We are still on the hunt for a better picture of the medal.

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