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HolmeWork Assignment: The 1992 Sherlock Holmes Lives Medal

HolmeWork Assignment: The 1992 Sherlock Holmes Lives Medal

“He lives as in a strange dream.”

– The Adventure of the Creeping Man (CREE)

The Universal Sherlock Holmes by Ronald Burt De Waal and 14th Garrideb, George A. Vanderburgh has been a tremendous reference tool to your Mycroft as we first attempted to discover what Sherlockian numismatic items existed. Every once in a while, we go back through and scan for items we may have missed previously. In our recent review, we did find the following entry that we had missed.

C17035. Sherlock Holmes Lives On. Cincinnati: Classic Specialties, 1992.
Heavy cloisonne medallion in chrome and vitreous enamel, with a profile of Holmes in black on a white circle, surrounded by a vivid red annulus. The legend is imbedded in the scarlet annulus.
Advertisement: Scarlet Street, No. 7 (Summer 1992), 36.

We reached out to Carolyn and Joel Senter, who operated Classic Specialities. They remember selling the medal, but don’t have any pictures or any other information on this medal.

So, our HolmeWork assignment is as follows:

  • Has anyone seen or own this medal?
  • Can anyone supply a picture of this medal, or a more detailed description?
  • Did anyone else have to look up the word “Annulus?”
  • Does anyone have a copy of the Summer 1992 issue of Scaret Street and provide a scan of the ad on page 36?

UPDATE April 8, 2017: Check out the update in our new post, The 1992 Sherlock Holmes Lives On Medal.

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