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NYPD’s Special Investigations Division Major Case Squad Challenge Coin

NYPD’s Special Investigations Division Major Case Squad Challenge Coin

“Brilliant Police Investigation”

– The Adventure of the Retired Colourman (RETI)

The Major Case Squad of the New York Police Department’s Special Investigation Division has issued a Sherlockian themed challenge coin.

OBVERSE: SPECIAL INVESTIGATIONS DIVISION / (silhouette of a right-facing Sherlock Holmes, wearing a deerstalker and holding a magnifying glass, upon a background of the U.S. flag, with the NYPD’s Detective Bureau logo in the foreground) / MAJOR CASE SQUAD

REVERSE: N (star) Y (star) P (star) D (star) / In 1972 in an effort to combat and / investigate the attack and murders of / Police Officers by members of radical / groups, the Chief of Detectives directed / the formation of the Major Case Squad. / These Detectives were selected from / throughout the NYPD. The Detectives / chosen where from diverse / backgrounds and where considered the / very best the Detective Bureau had to / offer……………….. / Madison Base Star Base Polar Base Gator Base

51mm, Round, Enamel, numbered edge

This challenge coin has very high relief, with the Detective Bureau logo on the obverse and the stars on the reverse being raised above the rim of the coin. On the reverse, the two mentions of the word “where” should actually be “were.” The specimen seen by your editor is numbered 211 on the edge (Oh, to have been number 221….)

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