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Garridebs in the News – January 2017

Garridebs in the News – January 2017

“It is something new for me to see my name in the papers…”

The Adventure of the Cardboard Box (CARD)

At the November 19, 2016 luncheon meeting of the Adventuresses of Sherlock Holmes, two Garridebs were honored with memberships into the group. Congratulations to the 19th Garrideb, Steve Mason, on his investiture as The Yellow Fog and to the 47th Garrideb, Burt Wolder, on his investiture as Intervals of Note-taking and of Meditation. Fourteen Garridebs have now been investitured into ASH.

Friday, January 6, 2017 saw the largest gathering of Garridebs ever in one location. Sixteen Garridebs were among the nearly 180 attendees of the annual dinner meeting of the Baker Street Irregulars – in no particular order, Peter Blau, Bob Katz, Will Walsh, Bob Stek, Burt Wolder, Harrison Hunt, Greg Ruby, Alexian Gregory, John Baesch, Richard Sveum, Steve Mason, Monica Schmidt, Ross Davies, Donald Hobbs, Michael Quigley, and Brad Matetsky. Four of those listed were first-time attendees of the dinner.


Ross Davies (left) and Michael Quigley (right) receive their BSI Certificates from Michael Whelan. Photos by Will Walsh.

Later, during the BSI dinner, two Garridebs became members of the Baker Street Irregulars and recieved thier BSI Shillings. Congratulations to the 61st Garrideb, Ross E. Davies, on his investiture as The Temple and to the 36th Garideb, Michael Quigley, on his investiture as A Large Brass Bound Safe. Sixteen Garridebs (one of every four) are investitured in the BSI.

Earlier that day, at the William Gillette Memorial Luncheon, the 43rd Garrideb, Robert Stek, was announced as the winner of ASH’s Jan WHIMSEY (Whimsical Humour Is My Speciality, Enjoy Yourself!) Award. This is awarded to the most whimsical item published in the Serpentine Muse the prior year. Bob’s article was A Dilemma Upon Reciept of an Investiture. This was the second consecutive year that this award was won by a Garrideb.

Congratulations to Frank Mentzel on the successful conclusion of his two year term as Gasogene of the Six Napoleons of Baltimore.

Well done, everyone!

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