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August HolmeWork Assignment: the Sherlock Homes Encased Cent

August HolmeWork Assignment: the Sherlock Homes Encased Cent

“He made his money in real estate …”

– The Adventure of The Three Garridebs

sherlock_speechSherlock Holmes - Goshen, IN

 Sherlock Homes Goshen Encased Cent

This will be a somewhat unusual HolmeWork assignment. Above we have the reverse design of an encased cent for Sherlock Homes of Goshen, Indiana.

Here is what we currently know:

  • The encased cent was manufactured by the Penny Press Mint. We have been in contact with them, and they are unable to provide any additional information at this time.
  • We believe that this encased cent was manufactured around 2007 0r 2008.
  • We do know that the coin was a cent, not a nickel or quarter.

Here is what we need to find out:

  • What was the design on the other side of the encasement?
  • How many were made?

We reached out to Sherlock Homes in 2015 and received no response.  Since we have a few members in Indiana, hopefully they can take on this research project.

2 Responses to August HolmeWork Assignment: the Sherlock Homes Encased Cent

  1. I ran across a post from 2016 that said you were searching for the reverse of the Sherlock Homes Encased Cents.
    (Its crazy how small the internet makes the world isn’t it?)
    I am the President of Sherlock Homes of Indiana Inc. Goshen IN
    I dug through the archives to help on your quest.

    There were 300 created by penny press mint in 2007 and 4 designs were created
    I attempted to email pictures but they were returned with some sort of error. if you contact me directly I would be happy to forward them.

    11- for a local boy scout troop
    22- Merry Christmas Happy New Year
    100- lucky penny pocket piece
    167- Keep and good luck will follow

    Almost all were given out locally in northern Indiana, to customers and random people and some were epoxy glued inside customer Basement as a builder tag of sorts.
    The exception is we had 2 ebay auctions of the last 2 designs with largest quantity attempting to get at least 2 out to actual collectors of encased cents (both sold for over $11. Each) 1 went to Alameda, CA and 1 went to Pittsburg, PA.

    Incidentally, we also had a cheaper “collector penny” that we created for approximately 5 years of differing years and mint marks as well with the logo stamped into a modern penny. They were not only given out locally but me and my Daughter personally mailed 3 coins to 3 random coin dealers in every single state in an attempt to get a few in every state in the USA.

    Hope this helps.

    Gary Huffman, Pres.
    Sherlock Homes of Indiana Inc.
    Goshen IN

    PS I’m wondering who you reached out to in 2015? I am always very happy to see our collector marketing take on a life of their own and would never intentionally ignore it. However, if you sent a “request info” on our web site I can see it getting auto deleted if you are out of state (sorry).