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PNC Cover for The Golden Pince-Nez

PNC Cover for The Golden Pince-Nez

“… for when I was in Siberia I had a letter from him …”

– The Adventure of The Golden Pince-Nez (GOLD)

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In October 1993, the United Kingdom issued five different 24 pence stamps featuring Sherlock Holmes themes. In May 1995, a set of five different Philatelic – Numismatic Combination Covers (envelope with postal cancellation and a numismatic item, usually a coin) or PNC for short.  We’ll have future posts on the other four PNC covers.

There is no rhyme or reason to some of the combinations for the PNC covers.  For this particular PNC Cover, the stamp has a Reigate Squires theme, the coin from Gibraltar features The Three Garridebs, and the design on the cover is the Collier’s magazine cover for The Golden Pince-Nez.

1993 UK SH Stamps
The 5 1993 UK 24p stamps
Colliers GOLD
October 29, 1904 Collier’s cover, illustration by Frederic Dorr Steele

image     image

You can read more about the 1994 Gibraltar The Three Garridebs Crown in our earlier post.

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