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The Inquisition: The Golden Pince-Nez

The Inquisition: The Golden Pince-Nez

“There can be no question…

The Adventure of The Golden Pince-Nez (GOLD)

He endeavoured to read through them.
He endeavoured to read through them.

Hopefully, by now, you have read our September story – The Adventure of The Golden Pince-Nez. Inquisitor Denny Dobry informs us there are 11 answers to 10 questions this month. Send your answers to Denny by September 25th for an opportunity to win a fabulous prize.

  1. The gardener at Yoxley Old Place was a veteran of what?  
  1. Approximately how many cigarettes did Coram smoke in a day? 
  1. What was distinctive about the lock on the wooden bureau in the Professor’s Study?
  1. Hopkins may have only been a promising detective, but what about him shined?
  1. What are the two absurd theories that the professor offer for the cause of Willoughby Smith’s death?
  1. Who operated the bath chair?
  1. What recycled item has caught Holmes’ attention in this adventure?
  1. By what physical trait did Susan Tarlton recognize Smith?
  1. What took the professor three tries before he succeeded?
  1. It is not uncommon for a killer to use a curtain for this purpose, but Anna used what instead?

Good luck and get those answers into Denny by the 25th to win the prize!

DobryOur Inquisitor, Denny Dobry, was accepted as a Journeyman Copper Beech Smith at the April 2015 meeting of The Sons of The Copper Beeches of Philadelphia. If you are ever in the Reading, PA area, you should check out his recreation of the sitting room at 221B Baker Street. You can learn more about his sitting room by clicking here. After being the top finisher in the the 2013 and 2014 John H Watson Society Treasure Hunts, Denny was the first runner-up in 2015 and is waiting in the wings if any scandal befalls the 2015 top finisher…..

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