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“Has Anything Escaped Me” – Sherlockian News

“Has Anything Escaped Me” – Sherlockian News

“In my profession all sorts of odd knowledge comes useful…”

– The Adventure of The Three Garridebs (3GAR)

all the new

We are introducing a new irregular feature – “Has Anything Escaped Me?” – to discuss items of possible interest that don’t fall into our story discussions or into the world of numismatics.  Some of our, ahem, older readers may recall that title being a regular feature of book reviews in the late Baker Street Miscellanea and is being used here as an homage to that periodical.  We hope to do justice by that name….

BSI Trust

Andy Solberg, one of the sparking plugs of my home scion of Watson’s Tin Box, is also the Chairman of the BSI Trust. The BSI Trust is tasked with saving and recording the history of the Baker Street Irregulars.  The BSI Trust’s website is being updated almost weekly, adding items from their archives for the public to view and read. If you have any interest in the the past activities and the people who made up the early days of the BSI, be sure to bookmark the site.  We will have a future post on our site about the BSI stock certificates which are featured in one of the first posts on the BSI Trust’s website.

John Noble

From the CBS television network, we hear that:

John Noble will star as Sherlock Holmes’ wealthy, estranged father when he joins the cast of ELEMENTARY as a series regular in the fall. The character has been referenced in past seasons as being instrumental in Sherlock’s first stint in rehab three years ago and in pairing his son with Joan Watson, his former sober companion, now his current investigative partner and friend. In the Season Four premiere, Mr. Holmes arrives in New York City to deal with the aftermath of his son’s recent relapse.

“We could not be more delighted to have John Noble taking on such an important role,” said Robert Doherty, Series Creator and Executive Producer of ELEMENTARY. “We’ve enjoyed his work for many years now – especially his tremendous run on ‘Fringe’ – and cannot wait to see him opposite Jonny and Lucy.  It’s going to be an exciting season.”

John Noble is an accomplished television, film and stage actor. Prior to ELEMENTARY, Noble was a series regular on “Sleepy Hollow” and “Fringe.” His guest starring roles include THE GOOD WIFE, on the Network, “Forever” and “24.” Noble’s feature film credits include starring as Denethor in Peter Jackson’s “Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers” and “Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King,” and M. Night Shyamalan’s “The Last Airbender.”

Noble has led a varied and established theater career, most recently starring alongside Hamish Linklater in “Posterity” for the Atlantic Theatre Company and, prior to that, “Substance of Fire” by Jon Robin Baitz.

mapped london bookBob Fritsch, our 7th Garrideb, shared this news items with us: Tom Wheeler’s new e-bookThe Mapped London of Sherlock Holmes, is now available. The book identifies 400 places in modern London associated with the great detective.  In addition to being described in adventure context, each site is located on an interactive Internet map creadted by the author. Each site’s GPS address is hyperlinked to a modern street view photo, allowing the reader to explore Sherlock’s London from their home computer. Finally, London visitors with a GPS app on their smart phones or tablet can use the GPS addresses to get turn-by-turn walking instructions from one place to the next.

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  1. I have now improved the book by adding an overlay of the Victorian street grid. For group viewing, the book’s features are best shown by running an HDMI cable from a laptop to a flat screen TV. For a large group, a laser pointer helps.