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Our June Story: The Greek Interpreter

Our June Story: The Greek Interpreter


June is almost here and that means a new story to discuss! We will be discussing The Adventures of the Greek Interpreter during June.  Frank Mentzel will be giving us all the Data! Data! Data! on the story. Denny Dobry is hard at work on another killer quiz for The Inquisition. The Seventeen Steps will be returning as well, as Brad Keefauver gives us several discussion points.

I seem to recall that there was a five sovereign fee offered in this story.  In addition, this is the story where we were first introduced to Mycroft Holmes, who had some knowledge of the bi-metallic question. We also learned that there is an artistic streak in Holmes family, through the artist Vernet.

We still have a few more posts about A Study In Scarlet before this month changes over, and we hope you have enjoyed reading them.

For those curious about the month of July, our featured story will be The Speckled Band.

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