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We Have Got Ourselves A Logo!

We Have Got Ourselves A Logo!

“… watching the huge crest and monogram upon the envelope…”

– The Adventure of The Noble Bachelor (NOBL)

TFG Color Logo 640

Some of our sharper-eyed members may have noticed that we now a have a logo on the masthead of our website and on are mailing notices.

Thanks go to Ben Scott, a graphic designer in Colorado Springs, Colorado for designing our club logo.  I think you will agree with me that Ben has created a very striking design for us.

2015-05-11 18.13.10Now that our club seal has been finalized, work has begun on issuing our membership certificates.  The certificates are slightly different for each of our three membership classes: Syracusan (Founding Charter), Alexandrian (Charter), and the Best of a Bad Lot (regular).

All of the certificates have been printed and we are currently going through the process of affixing the ribbon and seal, which is somewhat nerve-wracking and has the hands of our Mycroft shaking.

DrachmsNow, as the membership certificates go into the mail, they will be accompanied by the Garrideb Decarachm. This is the very coin that Nathan Garrideb was polishing as Holmes and Watson came to visit him. You can read more about the coin in our earlier post by clicking here.

Now since the decadrachm sells for five figures, and our life membership fee is an economical $22.10, this coin is obviously a replica. Our version is in tin, not silver like the original.

There will be one or two other Sherlockian numismatic souvenirs included in the mailings. Look for them to arrive in the next several weeks and thanks for your patience.  This past Saturday, we were able to deliver a half dozen of these certificates in person as we attended the Adventuresses of Sherlock Holmes meeting in New York.

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