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We’re Experiencing Some Technical Difficulties

We’re Experiencing Some Technical Difficulties

“My friend did not appear to be depressed by his failure, but shrugged his shoulders in half-humorous resignation.”

– The Adventure of the Three Students (3STU)

tech diff

We are currently having some technical difficulties in having new posts published on this website, so this week’s update is slim.

We utilize the WordPress platform for the technical aspects of our website and our website is hosted via GoDaddy. From our Worldwide Headquarters here in Baltimore, we access the internet via services supplied by Verizon.

Our main issue that we are experience is that the internet service supplied by Verizon is so slow that when we try to update our site with new posts, the receiving location is terminating the connection due to the fact that the connection is timing out on their end.

Unfortunately, our options for internet service in Baltimore is mainly limited to Verizon and another option – Comcast.

We have spent over 8 hours trying to publish 3 new posts and another 4 hours via telephone with technical support of Verizon in the last 36 hours, with limited success.

From time to time this week, our site may appear different as we try to make a few design changes.  Currently, we are showing a draft of our new logo on the masthead, since we are unable to change it back to the placeholder image we were using without spending many hours trying to save our changes without the system crashing,

We apologize for the inconvenience and look forward to having more interesting posts going forward.

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