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It’s Time For a Few Thank You’s

It’s Time For a Few Thank You’s

Thank You Sherlock

Once again, I have been negligent in thanking some of our friends for their help and support to our organization. I like to take a few minutes and correct this oversight.
The 13th Garrideb, Peter E. Blau, printed some very nice comments about our society in the January issue of Scuttlebutt from the Spermaceti PressIn the recent March issue, he mentions our earlier post about the Schlitz Playhouse telecast of How the General Got His Medal. Peter has been very gracious with his time, answering my many questions about other Sherlockian societies and personalities.

ireland-sherlock-holmesThanks to The Crew of the S.S. May Day for giving us a write-up about our society in the November issue of their newsletter, Mayday Mayday.

Roger JohnsonWhile we are on the other side of the pond, we like to congratulate Roger Johnson who is stepping down as the editor of The District Messenger of the Sherlock Holmes Society of London after 32 years and 350 issues.  Roger was one of the first to publicize our society when we announced and has been quite helpful in providing us with information about the SHSL medals that we are writing up for several future posts. We look forward to the future issues from the new editor, Carrie Chandler.

Denizens_insigniaA personal thank you from the Mycroft to the members and guests present at the April 10 meeting of The Denizens of The Bar of Gold in Cambridge, Maryland. These poor people had to suffer through a presentation from myself on The Numismatic Sherlock Holmes. Thanks also to the Gasogene of the Denizens, Art Renkwitz, for his many kindnesses and hospitality extended to me during my visit there.  As a native Marylander, I truly believe that Cambridge is one of the state’s hidden gems.

HomrenThe editor of The E-Sylum, Wayne Homren, and I have known each other for more years than we both care to remember.  Wayne has helped us with posting a info request from me for a future post and reprinted our review of The Master Engraver.

Thanks also to our four new regular contributors – Brad Keefauver, Denny Dobry, Bob Stek and Frank Mentzel for their submissions about The Three Garridebs this month and we look forward to seeing their features next month regarding A Study In Scarlet.

The Librarians of the American Numismatic Association and the American Numismatic Society, Kendra Johnson and David Hill, have been helpful in supplying reference materials and scans of articles for some current projects.


Thanks to the Editor-In-Chief of Coin World, Steve Roach and Barry Spradlin of Amos Media for also supplying us with scans of several articles for future posts here as well.

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