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Edmonton’s Sherlock Holmes Pub has a BitCoin ATM

Edmonton’s Sherlock Holmes Pub has a BitCoin ATM

SH Pub EdmontonBitCoin ATM

For those Sherlockians and numismatists near Edmonton, Alberta in Canada, check out the Sherlock Holmes Pub located on the campus of the University of Alberta. That’s the one located at 8519 112th Street Northwest.

According to BitCoin Newz, this restaurant installed a Bitcoin ATM (Automated Transaction Machine) at that location.

In case you are new to cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin is a type of money that is completely virtual. It is a lot like an online version of money. You can use it to buy products and services, but not many shops accept Bitcoin yet and some countries have banned it altogether. However, with regards to trading crypto Canada is one of the most popular countries and thus, as a country, it is very forward-thinking when it comes to cryptocurrencies and their use. Some may still be confused about this currency, however. Thankfully, Zipmex explains why people use cryptocurrency and it can help clear the air for many who don’t know much about blockchain.

Whereas cryptocurrencies can indeed be used to buy things, a great deal of the interest in these unregulated currencies involves trading them for profit. Moreover, thanks to developments in bitcoin trader software, it is now possible for Bitcoin traders to keep an eye on real-time market shifts and trends so that they can make profitable decisions about how and when to trade.

The initial press release read as:

Bitcoin Solutions is pleased to present their newest ATM location in Edmonton, AB. ON CAMPUS! 8519 112 St. Better known as Sherlock Holmes Pub on Campus is hosting our Lamassu machine! Head in, grab a pint and get some Bitcoin! In as little as 15 seconds you get your Bitcoin! Just scan your wallet, insert your cash and receive your BTC. Simple! Bitcoin is the future. Read this bitcoin revolution review if you are serious about trading for a profit!

As we know, it only takes two Sherlockians and a bottle as a reason for a meeting…. Maybe someone there can explain that SherlockCoin to you…

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