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TFG to do Reading of 3GAR 12/25/1939 Radio Script

TFG to do Reading of 3GAR 12/25/1939 Radio Script

“… in this drama …”

– The Adventure of the Second Stain (SECO)

The Fourth Garrideb will be celebrating Christmas by doing a virtual reading of The Adventure of the Three Garridebs at 8 p.m Eastern on Christmas night. This will be broadcast on our group’s Facebook Live page.

This is a somewhat odd time to broadcast, but there is a reason. We will be reading the script that Edith Meiser prepared and that was aired on Christmas night 1939 at 8 p.m. via the National Broadcasting Company.

Members of The Fourth Garridebs performing in the unique effort are:

Sherlock Holmes – by David Harnois

Dr. Watson – by Charles Prepolec

Nathan Garrideb – by Mike McSwiggin

Killer Evans – by Steve Mason

Mrs. Hudson – by Karen Wilson

We are looking forward to trying this again after our August table read. We hope you can join us!

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