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From Watson’s Tin Box – The Veiled Lodger

From Watson’s Tin Box – The Veiled Lodger

“Somewhere in the vaults of the bank of Cox and Co., at Charing Cross, there is a travel-worn and battered tin dispatch-box with my name, John H. Watson, MD, Late Indian Army, painted upon the lid.”

– The Problem of Thor Bridge (THOR)

Watson’s Tin Box, a BSI scion that meets in Columbia, Maryland, shares a few select items from their tin evidence box for The Adventure of the Veiled Lodger with us here at The Fourth Garrideb. These evidence boxes were originally created by the late Paul Churchill, BSI, one of the founders of Watson’s Tin Box and contains both genuine artifacts and genuine faux reproductions that he (and others) created. These items create a great deal of discussion at their monthly meetings and we hope it will do the same here. Enjoy!

And yet,” she says, “it would ease my mind if someone knew the truth before I died.” “Well,” says I, “if you won’t have the regulars, there is this detective man what we read about” – beggin’ your pardon, Mr Holmes. And she, she fair jumped at it. “That’s the man,” says she. “I wonder I never thought of it before. Bring him here, Mrs Merrilow, and if he won’t come, tell him I am the wife of Ronder’s wild-beast show. Say that, and give him the name Abbas Parva.” Here it is as she wrote it, Abbas Parva. “That will bring him, if he’s the man I think he is.”‘ ~ WTB VEIL Evidence Box
They had among their exhibits a very fine North African lion. Sahara King was its name, and it was the habit, both of Ronder and his wife, to give exhibitions inside its cage. Here, you see, is a photograph of the performance, by which you will perceive that Ronder was a huge porcine person, and that his wife was a very magnificent woman. ~ WTB VEIL Evidence Box

Several of the circus men, headed by Leonardo, the strong man, and Griggs, the clown, drove the creature off with poles, upon which it sprang back into the cage, and was at once locked in. How it had got loose was a mystery. – WTB VEIL Evidence Box

And this – this is my husband.’ It was a dreadful face – a human pig, or rather a human wild boar, for it was formidable in its bestiality. One could imagine that vile mouth champing and foaming in its rage, and one could conceive those small, vicious eyes darting pure malignancy as they looked forth upon the world. Ruffian, bully, beast – it was all written on that heavy-jowled face. ~ WTB VEIL Evidence Box
Two days later, when I called upon my friend, he pointed with some pride to a small blue bottle upon his mantelpiece. I picked it up. There was a red poison label. A pleasant almondy odour rose when I opened it.
‘Prussic acid?’ said I.
‘Exactly. It came by post. “I send you my temptation. I will follow your advice.” That was the message. I think, Watson, we can guess the name of the brave woman who sent it.’ ~ WTB VEIL Evidence Box


Thanks to the 42nd Garrideb, Denny Dobry, for the scans in this post. Thanks also to Debbie Clark, the 58th Garrideb, the current keeper of the evidence boxes.

Watson’s Tin Box, a BSI scion in Columbia, MD, is one of the most active Sherlockian groups in the Middle Atlantic region, Generally meeting on the last Monday of each month, the meetings feature canonical toasts, good conversations and dining, as well as a discussion of the month’s featured story and an educational presentation. For more information about Watson’s Tin Box, please visit their website HERE.

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