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The Inquisition – The Lion’s Mane

The Inquisition – The Lion’s Mane

“Now we have the Sherlock Holmes test …”

–  A Scandal in Bohemia (SCAN)

Sharpen your pencils! How well do you know your Canon and The Adventure of the Lion’s Mane.

1. Why is Holmes acting as his own chronicler for this adventure?

2. Holmes’ Sussex villa, he boasts, has a great view of what natural feature?

3. Whom does Holmes describe as the only person “on such terms with me that we could drop in on each other in the evenings without an invitation”?

4. What is the name of the academic coaching establishment located half a mile from Holmes’ house?

5. The ill-tempered, aloof, and seemingly friendless teacher is a specialist in what academic discipline?

6. Who wrote the note found in the dead man’s pocket?

7. What occupant of The Haven is described as having “flaming red” hair?

8. “I do not encourage such conversations,” Holmes tells us in reference to purveyors of local gossip, but who arrests his attention with news of what “everyone” is saying about “the incident of the dog”?

9. Who owned the Airedale terrier?

10. What weapon does Holmes suggest to Inspector Bardle as capable of producing the dead man’s wounds?

11. Whom do the police appear ready to arrest before Holmes, er, solves the crime?

12. Which character is described by Holmes as “an omnivorous reader with a strangely retentive memory”?

13. What remedy, drunk in copious amounts, seems to help those attacked by Cyanea capillata?

14. What theory is offered for why the first victim of the Cyanea capillata succumbed to his injuries, while the final victim did not?

15. How did Holmes dispatch the Lion’s Mane?

Answers will be provided in another post on this site, later this month. How do you think you fared with this?

Karen Wilson has the investiture of “A Faithful Scotchwoman” with us and the Adventuresses of Sherlock Holmes. She was the Tantalus (Quizmaster) of Watson’s Tin Box for 5 years and for the last three years she has helped develop the “killer quiz” on all 60 stories for that group’s annual Mycroft. Karen has been the organizer of the annual Scintillation of Scions conference and is already planning for the 2021 event to be held on August 6-7.

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