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Wooden Nickels from Altamont’s Associates

Wooden Nickels from Altamont’s Associates

“But thanks to my cheque-book and the good Altamont all will be well to-night.”

– His Last Bow (LAST)

In the last several weeks, we have seen groups of wooden nickels, including 2 with Sherloockian themes, being offerred repeatedly on a major online auction service. We are making the assumption that both woods were issued by a former Ohio based group known as Altamont’s Associates. There are several reasons for these assumptions – (1) the one wood is clearly labeled Altamont’s Associates, (2) the Sherlockian design of both  woods share some elements, and (3) all of the other woods were from Ohio-based businesses. Altmont’s Associates was last mentioned in The Baker Street Journal of December 1983 and Peter E. Blau, the 13th Garrideb, shows the group as inactive in his database of Sherlockian scions.

OBVERSE: (interwined drawings of Altamont and Sherlock Holmes)

REVERSE: Altamont’s Associates / a / scion / of the / Baker Street / Irregulars

38mm, Round, Wood

OBVERSE: (solid caricature drawing of Sherlock Holmes, facing left)

REVERSE: the / world’s / first / consulting / detectve

38mm, Round, Wood


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