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From Watson’s Tin Box: The Three Garridebs

From Watson’s Tin Box: The Three Garridebs

“Somewhere in the vaults of the bank of Cox and Co., at Charing Cross, there is a travel-worn and battered tin dispatch-box with my name, John H. Watson, MD, Late Indian Army, painted upon the lid.”

– The Problem of Thor Bridge (THOR)

‘”Garrideb, N.,'” he read, ‘”136 Little Ryder Street, W.” Sorry to disappoint you, my dear Watson, but this is the man himself. That is the address upon his letter. We want another to match him.’ ~ WTB 3GAR Evidence Box

Watson’s Tin Box, a BSI scion that meets in Columbia, Maryland, shares a few select items from their tin evidence box for The Three Garridebs with us here at The Fourth Garrideb. These evidence boxes were originally created by the late Paul Churchill, BSI, one of the founders of Watson’s Tin Box and contains both genuine artifacts and genuine faux reproductions that he (and others) created. These items create a great deal of discussion at their monthly meetings and we hope it will do the same here. Enjoy!

Mrs Hudson had come in with a card upon a tray. I took it up and glanced at it.
‘Why, here it is!’ I cried in amazement. ‘This is a different initial. John Garrideb, Counsellor at Law, Moorville, Kansas, USA.’ ~ WTB 3GAR Evidence Box
Large round spectacles and a small projecting goat’s beard combined with his stooping attitude to give him an expression of peering curiosity. The general effect, however, was amiable, though eccentric. ~ WTB 3GAR Evidence Box
Cases of butterflies and moths flanked each side of the entrance ~ WTB 3GAR Evidence Box
Here was a case of ancient coins. ~ WTB 3GAR Evidence Box
Neanderthal Skull & Jaw ~ WTB 3GAR Evidence Box
Cromagnon Skull ~ WTB 3GAR Evidence Box

Behind his central table was a large cupboard of fossil bones. Above was a line of plaster skulls with such names as ‘Neanderthal’, ‘Heidelberg’, ‘Cromagnon’ printed beneath them. It was clear that he was a student of many subjects.

As he stood in front of us now, he held a piece of chamois leather in his right hand with which he was polishing a coin. ‘Syracusan – of the best period,’ he explained, holding it up. ‘They degenerated greatly towards the end. At their best I hold them supreme, though some prefer the Alexandrian school. ~ WTB 3GAR Evidence Box

And you, sir – ah, yes, Dr Watson – if you would have the goodness to put the Japanese vase to one side. ~ WTB 3GAR Evidence Box
‘I had opened up inquiries in Birmingham,’ said the American, ‘and my agent there has sent me this advertisement from a local paper. ~ WTB 3GAR Evidence Box
Ah, it is not part of your profession to carry about a portable Newgate Calendar in your memory. ~ WTB 3GAR Evidence Box
Holmes drew an envelope from his pocket. ‘I scribbled down a few points from his dossier. ~ WTB 3GAR Evidence Box
He pushed the table to one side, tore up the square of carpet on which it rested, rolled it completely back, and then, drawing a jemmy from his inside pocket, he knelt down and worked vigorously upon the floor. Presently we heard the sound of sliding boards, and an instant later a square had opened in the planks. Killer Evans struck a match, lit a stump of candle, and vanished from our view. ~ WTB 3GAR Evidence Box
He had ripped up my trousers with his pocket-knife. ~ WTB 3GAR Evidence Box
That’s Prescott’s machine, and those bundles on the table are two thousand of Prescott’s notes worth a hundred each and fit to pass anywhere. ~ WTB 3GAR Evidence Box

Thanks to the 42nd Garrideb, Denny Dobry, for the scans in this post. Thanks also to Debbie Clark, the 58th Garrideb, the current keeper of the evidence boxes.

Watson’s Tin Box, a BSI scion in Columbia, MD, is one of the most active Sherlockian groups in the Middle Atlantic region, Generally meeting on the last Monday of each month, the meetings feature canonical toasts, good conversations and dining, as well as a discussion of the month’s featured story and an educational presentation. For more information about Watson’s Tin Box, please visit their website HERE.

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