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Sherlock Holmes and Lost Money

Sherlock Holmes and Lost Money

“The treasure is lost”

– The Sign of the Four (FOUR)

Millions of dollars of unclaimed property reside in abandoned safe deposit boxes, lost stock certificates, uncashed checks and other items turned over to state and provincal governments in an attempt to reunite items with their proper owners. In a few cases, the image of Sherlock Holmes is used in an attempt to publicize these efforts.

Above is a 2014 video by Maryland’s Comptroller of the Treasury, Peter Franchot, encouraging Maryland residents to check for unclaimed property. Franchot is dressed in Sherlockian garb and is referred to as Sherlock Franchot.

In Australia, the firm of the Lost Money Detectives uses the image of Holmes in their logo to promote their business of finding lost property.

Is anyone else familiar with other similar uses of Holmes and lost money/property?


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